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jaime3Hi, I’m a book professional-slash-dabbler-in-everything-else in the New York City area. Thanks for visiting my portfolio. The creations and projects here were created and are copyrighted by me. You’ll find short stories and novels, podcasts and videos, drawings and animation, and, yes, even papier-mâché. On the “Blog” tab, you’ll find the miscellaneous and works in progress (WIP). If you like something I’ve made, why not leave a comment?

Contact: serenityyrd@yahoo.com

Some things about me: I’m about 27-years-old and am from Wisconsin. I like scary stories and good art. I drink Irish breakfast and chai lattes. My favorite color is orange, and not in a passive, adult way. I play the guitar. I collect hats. I wish I had a pet ibex.

Fall ’14 Issue – Anglonerd Magazine

August 31, 2014

As you may know, I do a quarterly online magazine called Anglonerd at anglonerd.com. The fourth issue, fall 2014, is live today! Lots of fun stuff here this season, and new features are planned for next season already.


I wouldn’t call it re-branding, but after three seasons, I changed my Anglonerd title font from a comic book style font (called Stroke Dimension), which I chose because I wanted something nerdy, to a Sherlock-style font (called Shemlock) because I wanted something bigger, bolder, and Britisher.

If you’re a font nerd and wonder about the other template fonts used in Anglonerd magazine, they are as follows:

Giants Teeth: That’s the handwritten font that I use for all my segment headers

New Circle: I love this font, but I only use it in the QUOTES section. It’s a little too similar to Giants Teeth.

Veranda: Any of the non-image san-serif fonts you see are Veranda because I needed something that everybody already has on their computer.

Blambot Custom: This is a handwritten, all-caps font that I use only inside my comics for dialogue.


Publicity, August ’14

August 30, 2014

Bon Apetit (August issue)bonappetit-pull

Design Bureau


Elle Decor (Sept. issue)




New York Daily News

HOW magazine

Boston Globe

Parade magazine

 Architectural Digest

Martha Stewart

Chicago Tribune

Bicycling magazine (Sept. issue)

Kirkus Reviews

Recent Press I Coordinated – Summer ’14

July 18, 2014




Wall Street Journal

The Goddamn Dave Hill Show (author interview) on WFMU

New York Public Library

Slate magazine

Architect magazine



20140716_150345 (Print magazine)

20140529_083022 CommArts-May14(Communication Arts magazine)Surface-June-july14(Surface magazine)

Derek on Religion article

May 19, 2014

This is an article I wrote for TVMix.com (I did not title it). Read it here.

If you follow comedian Ricky Gervais on Twitter, whose show Derek airs in the UK and returns to the US on May 30th, you know that when he doesn’t have a project to plug, it’s all animals, bath selfies and jokes about God.

This is an article I wrote for TVMix.com (I did not title it). Read it here.

The Strand Murals

May 12, 2014

I helped organize the painting of the mural on the Strand in NYC.

March 2014

This is an article I wrote for TVMix.com. Read it here!

Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), our quintessential American action hero, returns Monday night in the new twelve-part series, 24: Live Another Day. This time, on the run from his own country, Bauer has relocated to England, home of another unstoppable action hero with the initials JB.

This is an article I wrote for TVMix.com. Read it here!

Jack Bauer vs James Bond

May 12, 2014

Read the full review on Anglonerd.

It’s Not Me, It’s You!: Impossible Perfectionist Seeks Very Very Very Tidy Woman is comedian Jon Richardson’s look inside the life of someone with OCD tendencies, specifically, Jon Richardson. The entire 300-page book takes place over just a couple of days, spending a chapter on waking up, a chapter on getting dressed, a chapter on eating breakfast, etc., in order to truly get an understanding of what it’s like to be Jon Richardson. Each day is meticulously scheduled out in a list, including “Wake up,” which immediately gets crossed off each morning. The items on the breakfast table must be patterned out so that there is a sense of balance. He will often have to return home partway through a journey to make sure that he did in fact lock the door. (He now has a memory device where he says something memorable each time he locks up, such as “Jon is locking the car door. Boobs.” Sometimes he is overheard by strangers.)

Read the full review on Anglonerd.

Book Review: It’s Not Me, It’s You!

May 10, 2014


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