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J Leigh Nelson

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jaime3Hi, I’m a book professional-slash-dabbler-in-everything-else in New York City. Thanks for visiting my portfolio. The creations and projects here were created and are copyrighted by me. You’ll find short stories and novels, podcasts and videos, drawings and animation, and, yes, even papier-mâché. On the “Blog” tab, you’ll find the miscellaneous and works in progress (WIP). If you like something I’ve made, why not leave a comment?

Contact: serenityyrd@yahoo.com

Some things about me: I’m about 28-years-old and am from Wisconsin. I like scary stories and good art. I drink Irish breakfast and chai lattes. My favorite color is orange, and not in a passive, adult way. I play the guitar. I collect hats. I wish I had a pet ibex.

Caricature: Stephen K. Amos

October 2, 2015

Here’s a not too bad Stephen K. Amos caricature.


Caricature: Peter Capaldi

October 1, 2015

Here’s a Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) caricature attempt.


Caricature: Michelle Gomez

September 5, 2015

It’s an attempt at Missy from Doctor Who. Michelle Gomez is awesome, especially in Green Wing


Caricature: Karl Pilkington

September 4, 2015

Here’s a very un-exaggerated Karl Pilkington


Caricature: Lee and Herring

September 4, 2015

First try with two-person caricature. Not very exaggerated, but a bit more forehead for Lee and a bit more chin for Herring.

Lee and Herring. (Watch 3 minutes of the Lee & Herring “Julia Sawalha” routine on Fist of Fun here. Weirdly, Rich later went out with Julia Sawalha and did in fact introduce her to his father, though his father did not live in a jar.)


Caricatures: Ben Moor

September 3, 2015

These Ben Moor caricatures aren’t too bad, I think. Ben Moor wrote Each of Us, definitely the best book I’ve read this year so far. He also does mime with Robin Ince.



Caricature: Helen Arney

September 2, 2015

An attempt at caricaturing Helen Arney. (Here‘s Helen Arney singing and playing uke while dressed as the sun.)


Caricature: Susan Calman

September 1, 2015

Not the best Susan Calman caricature. The likeness isn’t quite there, I think. (Watch 2 unmissable minutes of Susan Calman here.)


Caricature: Stewart Lee (better)

August 31, 2015

This is a much better Stewart Lee caricature than the Incredible Hulk one. (Watch 41 seconds of Stewart Lee here.)


Caricature: Jon Richardson

August 29, 2015

My attempt at caricaturing Jon Richardson.

Jon Richardson (Watch 3 unmissable minutes of Jon Richardson here.)



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