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J Leigh Nelson

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jaime3Hi, I’m a book professional-slash-dabbler-in-everything-else in New York City. Thanks for visiting my portfolio. The creations and projects here were created and are copyrighted by me. You’ll find short stories and novels, podcasts and videos, drawings and animation, and, yes, even papier-mâché. On the “Blog” tab, you’ll find the miscellaneous and works in progress (WIP). If you like something I’ve made, why not leave a comment?

Contact: serenityyrd@yahoo.com

Some things about me: I’m about 28-years-old and am from Wisconsin. I like scary stories and good art. I drink Irish breakfast and chai lattes. My favorite color is orange, and not in a passive, adult way. I play the guitar. I collect hats. I wish I had a pet ibex.

Head Butler Article

April 8, 2016

I’ve had my first article on the wildly popular site Head Butler: Mad Dogs (a review of the American remake on Amazon)

Concert Footage: Robbie Fulks

April 6, 2016

More of my footage of Robbie Fulks in Chicago here.


Concert Footage: Sean McConnell

March 30, 2016

More of my footage of Sean McConnell here.


Flatter Wacom drawings

March 29, 2016

These two are drawn with the Wacom Pad (lined in ArtRange Lite and colored in Photoshop), but this time I tried a flatter color method. I gave Billy Connolly a little bit of shadow for likeness reasons. Julia Davis didn’t really need it. I have tickets to see Billy Connolly in April. I did the Julia Davis one for my reviews of JAM and Nighty Night.

julia-davis2 copyBilly-Connolly2

Celebrity Photo: Aisling Bea

March 28, 2016

More of my photos of Aisling Bea here.

Aisling Bea1.jpg

Recent Anglonerd Q&As

March 25, 2016

I recently did a couple interviews for Anglonerd.com, which I am pretty proud of. One is with Ben Moor, who is such an amazing writer I can’t even go into it here because I won’t be able to stop. He really took the time to answer my questions in depth, which was nice. The other was with Sam Leifer, who wrote the TV show Plebs, and he was thankfully very specific with his anecdotes, which is what I always want but almost never get. Anyway, give them a read.

Ben Moor Q&A

Sam Leifer Q&A

Cartoon portraits by pen

March 24, 2016

These three drawings I did a little differently. I didn’t use the Wacom pad. Instead I used a black brush tip marker and a light box to trace some photographs. Then I scanned them in and colored them in Photoshop. I wonder if you can tell the difference between the Wacom pad ones and the hand drawn ones?


Concert Footage: David Mayfield

March 23, 2016

More of my concert footage of David Mayfield here.


Second batch of Wacom cartoons

March 22, 2016

These are done in roughly the same style as the last two. Reece Shearsmith I drew for an article on BritMovieTours.com. Max Beesley I did for an article about Mad Dogs, though I tried doing it without any black lines this time. Jon Ronson I drew for my parents to get it autographed at a book signing. Eddie Izzard I did in honor of Eddie’s 27 marathons in 27 days that he’s currently doing.



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