J Leigh Nelson

J Leigh Nelson

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June 10, 2013

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Whispers (2014)
It takes place in the New York comedy scene in a world exactly the same as ours, except there’s no such thing as death.

paperbook (2009)
When a girl from work tells Tian she has a friend who is three thousand years old, she is thrown into a world of luddites fighting for their rights to make books in a future where trees are an endangered species.

Riff (2009)
in which a thirteen-year-old boy triggers the apocalypse by playing his guitar.

Burbank with a Baedeker (2010)
Horror novelist Milo H. Tomb is going on a book tour this summer and refuses to blog. But that’s not a problem because Milo’s eccentric neighbor Burbank will keep it for him. This novel takes place entirely on the blog and is influenced by the comments that people post.

Haven (2005)
In a haven of artists, one goes missing. Now Michel and her film-crew buddies must re-enter the real world for the first time in decades.

Bowling Shoes and Murder / Catching Art (2004)
When Stanley Gherkin gets jailed for allegedly stealing bowling shoes, it’s up to Whey and her friends, a vampire and a priest who don’t exactly see eye to eye, to break into the dungeon and get him out. Catching Art is the unfinished prequel.

Emerican Adventure (2003)
When Emerica’s space station blows up, he finds himself thrown into a universe teeming with life he never knew existed. When he loses the love of his life, her brother gives Emerica a time machine.

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