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J Leigh Nelson

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Simple Assault

June 18, 2013 ,

SIMPLE ASSAULT (2003-2005)

In the beginning, there was a band, and the band was simple.

Starting as a 9-part all-girl band, the group was quickly whittled down to five. Though members came and went, the majority of the time was spent with Maddy on vocals, Ashton on percussion, Jaime on rhythm guitar, Lindsey on bass, and Nicole on violin. “That Thing You Do” was a popular cover, but the band did some of their own music as well. They produced a music video for “Broken Chair” (written by Ashton). Eventually, the band dwindled to three: Maddy, Ashton, and Jaime. There was talk of a revival and name change, but in the end, the band defunkified as high school was ending and the real world was soon upon them.

“Gunfire erupted from a window high above them, but it was only a bass player getting shot for playing the wrong riff three times in a row. A huge electronic drum kit hurtled through the window high above them and smashed itself to bits in the street in front of them. There was a helicopter above them now which seemed to be involved in a side skirmish with the band upstairs. Smoke was billowing from the building. The sound engineer was hanging out the window by his fingertips, and a maddened guitarist was beating on his fingers with a burning guitar. The helicopter was firing at all of them. The few surviving members of the rock band had agreed to recognize their musical differences and pursue solo careers.”
— Douglas Adams
(So Long and Thanks for all the Fish)


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