J Leigh Nelson

J Leigh Nelson

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About J Leigh Nelson

When I was little, I used to think that by the time I grew up, we’d all fly around in rocket ships and colonize the moon and Mars and maybe even Pluto. I believed that when I grew up I would be an author and that authors work in cubicles, like the database programmers I saw when I went with my dad to Take Your Daughter to Work Day. The people I admired in movies and books and on the radio might as well have been fictional or as far away as Pluto because meeting your favorite artist or even going to a concert felt like things that happened to other people, people who lived in bigger towns. As I grew older, playing on swings became less fun. Somebody invented the internet. Pluto became not a planet. The world shrank a little, and I grew up. I moved to a bigger town and have been fortunate enough to meet, work with, and befriend many of the people I’ve admired in movies and books and on the radio. I learned that authors don’t write their novels in cubicles and that being a writer is way more fulfilling than being an author anyway. A part of me still believes that someday we will all fly away in rockets.

Awards and Honors

Resume (link TK)

About this site

This is my portfolio. The creations and projects here were created and are copyrighted by me. On the “Blog” tab, you’ll find the miscellaneous and works in progress (WIP).

Contact: serenityyrd@yahoo.com

n.b. The version of this website was created 6/15/13, so although some of the content dates back years, nothing will be dated earlier than 2013.


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